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Paragliding FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions - Paragliding

Answers to some common questions related to paragliding courses

Paragliding is a technical sport, and does require some theoretical training before take-off. As with any sport, safety is of paramount importance and we at Indus make sure that we cover every aspect of safety, security and information before our student pilots make their first flight.

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked by those hoping to learn paragliding…

Pre learning Paragliding FAQs

Who can learn?

Absolutely anybody! Our paragliding courses are available for anyone over the age of 16 with a basic level of physical fitness and no medically prescribed restrictions.

Do I have to be a daredevil or adventure junkie?

Absolutely not! Paragliding is a gentle sport. All you need is desire to fly and positive attitude.

I am concerned about safety!

We understand that. But you don't have to worry about it, cause we are concerned about your safety. We make sure you practice under our supervision only when the conditions are suitable for your level. As a precaution First-aid is available at the site just in case. We do advise you to have an insurance policy covering adventure sports.

Do I have to buy the equipment for learning?

No. We will provide you all necessary equipment for ground training and flying tasks during the training period.

Will I get a Pilot License on completion of the course?

First of all...there is no need for any license to fly a paraglider. Also there is no recognized licensing authority yet in India. We will provide you a certificate on completion of your course.

When can I fly on my own?

After initial ground training, the very first flight you take is a solo flight. So technically you are flying on your own from the very first flight, but under direct supervision of a professional. To be able to fly totally on your own requires you to complete two courses P1 and P2, plus a few additional hours of flying under supervision to gain more experience and confidence.

Post learning Paragliding FAQs

Is Paragliding recognized sport in India?

Not yet!. Efforts are ongoing to get the sport recognized by the Government. But there is no recognized governing body or recognized institution controlling the sport.

Yet! India has organized Paragliding World Cup, we have pilots who have won podium finishes in International Paragliding competitions and our armed forces practice paragliding for years. Indus Paragliding is proud to have trained pilots from Indian Air Force, Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard.

Do I need permission to fly in India or abroad?

There are specific regulations set by local authorities in many region for better coordination with the nearest ATC (Air Traffic Controller), Regional Civic Authorities and Law Enforcement Agencies. We strongly support such initiatives and suggest all to abide by the local regulations if any. When flying abroad consult the school or the federation in the region for specific regulations.

Will you rent out your equipment?

Our equipment are used for training purpose. We will rent out equipment to our certified students if they continue to practice the sport. If you have learnt with us and have not flown for a long period, we advise you to take up a refresher course in order to use our equipment and fly.

Do you want me to buy equipment from you?

When you are ready to purchase your own equipment we can help you to decide on the right equipment. Indus Paragliding is authorized dealer for some top-notch reputed equipment manufacturers like - Niviuk, Ozone, Supair, Icaro Sky Helmets and more. However you are free to buy your equipment from any authorized dealer in the country.

Am I restricted to fly with Indus only?

Our mission is to make you a thinking - free flying pilot and not a 'caged bird'. You are always welcome to fly with us, but are not at all restricted to only fly with us. We encourage you to network with other pilots in your region and other parts of the world and share, learn experiences and joy of this wonderful sport. This simple philosophy of Indus Paragliding has kept us soaring high for 15+ years.

Do I have to join any federation/association?

Not necessary. But you are encouraged to support genuine association like PAI (Paragliding Association of India) for its good work since 2010 for the sport in the country on National level. You can also support non-commercial and non-political local/regional associations.

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