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Our Approach

Learning paragliding with Indus

A professional and practical approach to paragliding​

Paragliding is a practical sport and while we at Indus Paragliding strongly believe that the study of theory is necessary to ensure a thorough understanding of techniques, procedures and safety, we equally focus on using a ‘hands-on’ approach.



Student - Instructor Ratio

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All the paragliding courses at Indus Paragliding are formulated based on the PAI’s PPPI (Paragliding Pilot Proficiency Identification System)
system which is verified and certified by the BHPA (British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association). The courses cover theory and practical tasks for each level. Our emphasis is on 

Paragliding Courses

Get the basics right

Right from introduction to the basic flying principals to first glance of the paragliding wing and other equipment we make sure our student pilots have the right knowledge of every essential information. This forms a strong foundation for their flying career. We encourage our students to ask questions. No question is a stupid question.


Video assist for better learning

Way back in 2008 we introduced Video-Assist method to capture ground training activities and training flights of each student. While there are sufficient number of instructors and ground crew available to assist you in learning your tasks, an audio-visual record of your activity is the best way to understand the mistakes you may make during the training period.


Theory and Group Discussions

Each day after the ground training/flight sessions a debriefing session is held to analyze performance of each student. The videos recorded during the practical sessions are viewed in a group to analyze mistakes and learn from the errors. This also provides a deeper understanding of various subjects discussed during the theory sessions.

Practice... practice... practice

Honestly! No school can claim to make you a ‘Good Pilot’. As school we make sure we teach you the basics and ensure you understand it. We make sure you perform assigned tasks as per given instructions and complete them safely. We supervise your progress to make sure you achieve set of tasks listed by end of each course. After you complete your P2 with us, you are in a position to make essential decisions related to your flights. Making you a thinking – free flying pilot. So what about the ‘Good Pilot’ ? – Well! that needs practice…practice…practice !

Paragliding Courses


Team Indus

Our Approach


At Indus, caged birds get to set themselves free. Here they get to break the shackles of routine, professional life, society and even family commitments. Indus gives them an opportunity to take to the sky irrespective of their age, background, qualifications, gender, cast, creed or physical attributes. If they are up to it, Indus gives them wings.

AVM Palsule

K P Palsule

Indian Air Force Air Vice Marshal (Retd.)


All paragliding activities – Training and Tandem Joyrides will resume after the monsoon.