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P3 Paragliding Pilot Course

Up your game...

The P3 Paragliding Pilot Course is advanced learning for practicing higher and longer flights, better understanding of advanced launch techniques in variable weather conditions, height gaining techniques, emergency maneuvers, dealing with instability and much more. While all of this is still practiced under direct radio supervision of instructors, the course is aimed at making you a ‘thinking pilot’. Completion of this course is first step towards becoming an Independent Pilot.

P3 Paragliding Pilot Course


P2 Paragliding Pilot with a certified log book / records of training

Course Covers


  • Principles of flight
  • Meteorology
  • Rules of the air
  • Video sessions

Ground Training

  • Forward and reverse launch method
  • Strong wind lauch procedure

Flight Training

  • Site assessment
  • Higher altitude soaring flights
  • Cross wind launch
  • Dealing with instability
  • Planned approaches
  • Top landings*
  • Exploring the speed range
  • Accelerator systems
  • Weight shift
  • Pitch and roll exercise
  • Figure of 8 turns & 360 degree turns
  • Maintaining course and airspeed

* Top landing exercises depend on weather conditions and flying site


  • P3 Paragliding Pilot examination
Course Duration

4 days

Pilot Rating

P3 Pilot

Course Fee (* 18% GST applicable)

₹ 20,000* [€ 275]

Course package includes

Instruction, equipment usage, course material, site transport, complimentary food and accommodation at our base.

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