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Tandem paraglidingtandem joyride

paragliding tandem joyrides

Fulfill your desire to fly like a bird without learning to fly. Tandem Paraglider Joyrides are a great way to experience the freedom, serenity and exhilaration of freeflight.

What is Tandem Paragliding?
Tandem paragliders are larger paragliding wings designed to carry the pilot and one passenger. As passenger you sit in the front in a comfortable harness and enjoy the flight. This is the easiest way to experience flying like a bird without any know how of flying.

Weekdays - Rs. 2,500/- per flight
Weekends & Public holidays - Rs. 3,000/- per flight
Flight duration: 10 minutes

Please note - Photos and/or videos of your tandem flights are not included in the flight cost. You will be charged extra 1000/- for photos/videos delivered on microSD memory card on completion of your flight.


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