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The reason I chose Indus Paragliding – Anjana Taggarse

The reason I chose Indus Paragliding

Hyderbad based Lawyer and Recreational Adventure Sports Instructor & Facilitator, Anjana Taggarse shares her experience on learning paragliding with Indus and Safety aspects.

You choose safety first, enjoyment next and then learning comes easily when you feel safe and are enjoying what you are doing. Vikas (Scuba, DiveIndia) taught me that.So it was but naturally for me to follow my instincts and land up at the doorstep of Sanjay Pendurkar of Indus Paragliding. Who else could i trust the lives and safety of my 11 and 12 year old daughters, and all my teen wards and adult participants of Aqua Terra Aero and ensure their learning was seemless, fun and the best? 🙂
I’m a lawyer in Hyderabad, 27th year running, and a recreational adventure sports instructor and facilitator who learns, teaches and enables learning in a safe environment. All my posts on paragliding are not just about paragliding as a sport but are a testimony to Sanjay and to Indus Paragliding.
When you learn and practice a land or a water sport, there is a dense medium (land/water) which is physically supporting you. In air, there is no such external support from the ambience. Hence safety is of higher importance for me in paragliding. While we go to different locations for scuba diving, white water rafting and horse riding, I’ve always chosen to go back to Kamshet to glide with Indus to ensure safety of our participants.


All paragliding activities – Training and Tandem Joyrides will resume after the monsoon.